Welcome to WUI [woo-y]

Walk Urban Indy, or WUI (pronounced “woo-y”) encourages you to walk in your neighborhood – a 360 approach to improving the quality of life for the urban residents of Indianapolis.

Walking in your Neighborhood:

IT’S HEALTHY – Promotes daily aerobic exercise.
IT’S SOCIAL – Builds connections between neighbors.
IT’S EDUCATIONAL – Increases our knowledge about the area we live in.
IT’S ENVIRONMENTAL – Brings a higher appreciation of our green spaces.
IT’S ENLIGHTENING – Raises our awareness of what is happening in our community
IT’S VIGILANT – Signals a neighborhood of alert, involved participants.
IT’S MULTI-GENERATIONAL – No age limit to participate; walking is for everyone.

Urban walks
Along the streets where we live,
With the people who are our neighbors,
Improving our health,
While focusing on the world around us.