The WUI Plan

Indianapolis, we need to exercise! According to a 2012 study by the American College of Sports Medicine [1], our city is one of the lowest ranking metropolitan cities for exercising (43rd out of 50). One of the easiest and most affordable types of exercise is walking and the most convenient place to do it is in the area in which you live. The goal of Walk Urban Indy, Inc. (WUI) is to get us, the urban residents of Indianapolis, out exercising while increasing our awareness of our own and surrounding neighborhoods.

There are two aspects of the WUI Plan: Route Maps and Walking Groups.

Route Maps

WUI is working on a collection of route maps (brochures) with trips of varying distances within a neighborhood so that new walkers can start slow and build both speed and distance. The maps are a combination of turn by turn directions and a themed knowledge of the area you are walking through. Themes will include (but are not limited to): history of the neighborhood, environmental/green sights, and interesting architecture.

  • Printed Route Maps: paper maps will be available (for free) at key locations in the neighborhoods.
  • Mobile-Compliant Website: routes can be followed using a smart-phone. Download or stream a themed podcast to listen to while walking.
  • Tracking: Tie-in to existing technology that allows walkers to track their efforts (both time and distance) on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. They can form clubs/teams, or compete with friends.

Walking Groups

It’s great to provide information, but to get sustainable results, you need to get people interested and working together. WUI will assist in the formation of neighborhood walking groups and will provide on-going support to the groups during their first year of organization and beyond.

For More Information

If you would like to more about WUI, please use the Contact Us form under “About Us” or find us on Facebook: We are always excited to talk to new people about what we’re doing.